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December 09 2013

ACN Review - Find the Real Truth About ACN

Is ACN (American Communications Network) a scam?

ACN Canada - The real truth about ACN has to turn out. Before we continue, this is a Alternative party review. I'm not really a rep with ACN. Is ACN useless? Well after carrying out a full research around the company, ACN has shown to become real opportunity, but there are a few secrets you should know about! Make sure you see this entire article.

Who is ACN?

ACN Canada reviews - ACN is a telecommunications company that was founded in 1993 by four entrepreneurs: Greg Provenzano, Robert Stevanovski, Mike Cupisz and Tony Cupisz. The company claims to function as the largest direct selling company telecommunications company on the planet. You would think the organization could be legit your much confidence.

ACN has been charged with as being a pyramid scheme, where there were charges concerning the company being a scam. The charges were made in Canada and Australia, nevertheless the company wasn't convicted. There are many complaints from previous reps, nevertheless it wasn't proved that ACN would be a scam. Wanting to know the reality, I continued to research the company.

Inside my search I stumbled upon that ACN is a member of the DSA. Unless you know what the DSA is, it represents Direct Selling Association. The DSA does a full review about the home-based business/network marketing companies. If the DSA claims an organization that usually means the organization is legit.

Why would there be complaints and lawsuits against ACN if they are a real/legal opportunity? The best way to discover was to continue my search. When i continued with my search I stumbled upon the exact reason that 97% of ACN reps fail, but additionally whatever they can perform differently to be successful.

How come 97% Fail?

These people fail because they are being taught to market their business with ancient marketing strategies. ACN reps are now being told to:

1. Make a list of relatives and buddies
2. Purchase leads
3. Go to weekly hotel meetings
4. Use the 3 foot rule (speak to everyone within 3 feet about you business)

There are many examples but you understand. Today the leaders no more build (Network Marketing Empires) in the ground up using these strategies. I hear you asking, "How is it building their business then?"

Do what the producers do, and you'll get what they have!

The very best producers recognize that the real online marketing strategy is, "SELF BRANDING". They already know prospects want to work with leaders, so so that you can succeed they should display their leadership ability. Consider it for a moment! If you're a ACN rep, have you been ever told to:

1. Perform a 3 way call for connecting your potential prospect together with your upline leader.
2. Introduce your upline because the industry expert or successful mentor.
3. Pass out marketing tools which include your upline.
4. Bring your prospect to the front to meet the speaker after the business overview.

Most likely you answered YES! I am just going to reveal something real important, as well as make the improvement in your business. People Join People! Your prospects aren't joining ACN or registering because of the product. There are many firms that offer the same services as ACN. Your prospects are becoming involved as a result of leader. If you do not position yourself since the leader, success may be complicated. The complaints and lawsuits originated in reps/individuals that were never taught how to, Brand Themselves As The Leader! ACN can be a great business knowing the way to:

1. Brand yourself as the leader/expert
2. Generate contributes to make your list (No Family and friends)
3. Create a Professional Relationship along with your list
4. The way to market to that list to make money even though their prospect says No to primary (ACN) opportunity

Unless you understand how to position yourself as the leader, generate quality leads, develop a relationship your list, and how to advertise your business the right way you could fail. To stop failing in ACN look at what are the top producers do and do what are the are going to do.

Don't be the product, buy the product!